Rockcastle County Cave Maps
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Hotbox Cave

Surveyed in 1994

Kalnitz, Englert, Englert, Delk

Hotbox writeup

Hotbox Horror Hellhole

Great Saltpeter

Surveyed 1993-1994

Great Saltpeter Preserve Website

A great site with a ton of information about the cave and the Conservancy Managed area around it

GSP Survey Data Set

A large zipped file that contains all the original survey data from the 1994 survey

Bighola Cave

surveyed 1994-2000

Bighola Write-up

When Good Caves Go Bad

Sheriffs Pit

Surveyed 1993

Found by Bob Dobbs, and bottomed by Howard Kalnitz and Dennis Englert, this was a fairly difficult 3 pitch cave. Named for the Rockcastle county Sheriff, whose land the cave is on. One of the highest caves surveyed in the county

Sherrifs Pit Story

Smokehole Cave

Grotto Project Cave From 2000 - 2006. This classic Rockcastle county cave has extensive walking passage, a water passage, and is a hibernaculum (cave closed in winter). More Passage is waiting to be surveyed and found Smokehole Survey Data Set

Caution! Large data file!

Artesian Well Cave

Mapped by Englert and the Delks, and drawn up by Dennis

Artesian Well Story

Artesian Well Annex Cave


J.B. Alexanders Cave

This cave lies close to Artesian Well, but is not connected. Was at one time though to be owned by J.B. Alexander (who gave me permission to enter), thus the two names

Tims' 500ft Cave

A great Story. Once when we were ridgewalking a local came up to tell us about a 500 ft pit in a nearby cave, He had measured it by dropping down a lantern. After numerous trys to find it, Bob Dobbs found it and actually marked it with signs at the entrance!. When we dropped it, we found it to be 49 feet deep!

Tims 500ft Pit Story

Car Parts Alley


Mapped by Lance and Carol Copas

Car Parts Alley

Highwater cave


Another Dennis Englert Map - long lost and feared only a rumor - Dennis provided a copy in 2008! Another great example of his skill!

Bob Dobbs Cave

Another Dennis Englert Map. This cave was discovered by Bob Dobbs and is famous for how hard it is to find. Rumor has it the cave location is changed Yearly. Located on the GSP preserve

Bob Dobbs Annex Cave


A map by Bill Thoman. Located near Bob Dobbs Cave on the GSP Preserve

Lloyd Mullins Cave


Another map by Bill Thoman. A short popular cave on the GSP Preserve

Lost Deer Cave

Mapped by John Agnew. Not visited often, John may be the about the only one remembering where it is!

Lost Deer Story

Angel Pit

Not really a full map, but an excellent sketch map by John Agnew

Angel Pit Story