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Murphys' Cave #1and #2

Surveyed 1988-1991

Jacque discovered Murphys' Cave #1 during a ridgewalk in 1988. He actually discovered a small downstream resurgence that we pushed early in the year. Much to our surprise we went from dire water crawl to known cave, and came out a different entrance. This proved to be Murphys' Cave #1 and found Murphys' Cave #2 next to it.

After some discussion we found Gary Bush had done some original mapping, but after a large discovery, we remapped the entire system. The two caves are still unconnected. We do know the system is connected to Smokey Caverns (below)

Murphys Caves - Then and Now.pdf

Bad Times in Watertown
A 1988 article from the electric caver
Line plot.pdf

Misty Cave

Surveyed 1987-1988

Misty write-up.pdf

Misty Cave Survey.pdf

Misty Summary.pdf

Rocklins Trip report.pdf

Smokey Caverns

Surveyed 1987-1990

Found soon after the Murphys' above, it is part of the system but not connected.

Smokey Caverns write-up

Smokey Caverns Chronicles.pdf

Smokey Caverns Chronicles part 2.pdf

Smokey Caverns Chronicles Continued.pdf

Smoley Cavern Chronicles roll on.pdf

Horselick Cemetery Cave

Surveyed 1987 - 1989

The first Cave that the DDD section of GCG surveyed.  Not fully surveyed and now closed, this cave was never fully pushed. The most memorable section is the 1000+ foot water crawl and Wishers Wallow

Horselick guide page.nl.pdf

Climbing with the underground orchestra.pdf

Horselick Hell Cave

Survey 1990 - 1992

Found and Surveyed by John Wisher, this short but difficult is close to Horselick Cemetery Cave, and we hoped would connect, but never did

Horselick Hellacious.pdf

Further Exploits in Swiss Cheese VAlley.pdf

Horselick Hell Lineplot.pdf

Homestead Cave

Surveyed in early 90's

Found by Jaque Ramey, this cave location has possibly been lost. Notable as it had a pit entrance, and a water crawl exit. The bore hole passage terminated in a terminal dome complex. This is a great example of Jeff Strebas' cartography, but unfortunately little more data survives

Homestead trip report.pdf

homestead write-up.pdf

Flatrock Cave

Surveyed 1988

Another DDD cave found in Horselick Valley, while we actually looking for Splitpit cave. Another Jeff Streba Map

Flatrock Trip Report.pdf

Splitpit Cave

Surveyed in 1987

A Third DDD cave in Horselick Valley

Another Jeff Streba Map

String Cave

Surveyed in 1989

A string Cave/ Blowing cave Early line plot. No more survey has been done on this cave. Sting Cave Bat Count trip Report.pdf

Skull Cave

Surveyed in 1987(?)

Another possibly lost cave in the same area as Homestead cave. This cave was surveyed in a one day survey during a survey expedition weekend

Article from Electric Caver

Another Jeff Streba Map


Surveyed 1987 - 1988

A Long time grotto survey project. A great cave with a huge amount of variation. This is one of the few copies of Jeff Strebas Map

Rainshelter Special Cover.pdf

Rainshelter Part1 - he Start of something special.pdf

Rainshelter - Cavers find reward of Labor in Virgin Cave.pdf

Rainshelter - Guttadauro.pdf

Rainshelter - Kirkwods full moon crawl.pdf

Rainshelter in the rain.pdf

Rainshelter Line plot.pdf

Fletchers Bucket Pit

Surveyed Nov 1 2008

Our Friend Fletcher led us to many great caves - maybe this wasn't the best.....

Bucket Pit Trip report

Fletchers Jones Pit and Canyon Cave

Surveyed Nov 11 2008

A great little Pit and Canyon cave, named after our friend and Surveyed by Bob Yuellig

Fletcher Jones Pit and Canyon Cave Story