Historical Rockcastle County Maps

Most of these cave maps were produced prior to 1985

Cave Info Map Additional Information Data Set

Across the Road Cave

Across the Road Description from KOR guidebook

Arthur Singletons Cave

Barnett Valley Cave

Blue Grass Grotto Cave

Description from The Kentucky Caver

Blue Hole

Blue Hile Description

Crooked Creek Ice Cave

One of the classic Rockcastle County Caves. Now closed - please respect our local Cave owners

Cedar Grove Cave

Cedar Grove Description

Climax Cave

Climax Cave Description

Cooksburg Cave

Cooksburg Cave Description

Cooksburg School Cave

Cooksburg School Cave Description

Deweys Drop

A classic 80 foot pit. This has been the first experience for many people learning vertical caving

Drummers Pit

Drummers Pit Description

Endless Cave

Endless Cave Description

Eureka Cave

Eureka Cave Description

Hard Baker Cave

This cave is currently closed due to land owner issues. Please respect our local landowners

Humongous Pit Canyon Cave

This cave is closed during hibernation season. Landowner relations are an issue as well - inquire before visiting

Lassie Cave

Lassie Cave trip report

Little Goochland Cave

Millers Cave

Millers Pit 1

Millers Pit 1 description

Millers Pit 2

Monolith Cave

Monolith trip report

Mullins Spring Cave

Mullins Spring Cave Description

Owen Saltpeter Cave

P-11 cave

P-11 Cave Description


Ky Underground description of Pebble Cave

Pine Hill Cave

Pine Hill Cave Description by Tom Cottrell from the 2009 KOR guidebook


Rollercoaster Cave

Sextons cave

Shelter cave

Reference Caves of Rockcastle County, Rebbman and Odell

Sinks of the Roundstone Cave

A classic and well visited cave in Rockcastle County. Please help this cave open by respecting the landowners, removing all trash and not disturbing any wildlife
Cave Description by Jack Hissong from the 1993 KOR guidebook

Sinks of the Roundstone Pit

Another classic, a deep pit right around the corner from Sinks Cave

Skull Pit

Stream Bypass

Sweet Potato Cave

Teamers Cave

Toot'n Joe Cave

Valentines Cave

Waterfall Dome

Waterfall Dome Story from Kentucky Caver Volume XIX