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Spivy is a currently open cave survey project. It is a known Jackson County cave with extensive walking passage, but no known survey Spivy Data

Busam Cave

Open Survey in Rockcastle County. Originally discovered and partially explored by Gary O'dell - undergoing resurvey by Kalnitz/Gratsch. All survey sketched Busam PDF
A PDF showing the map in process with the scans and the data

421 Cave

Open Survey in Jackson County.
Another cave lead given to us by Fletcher Jones. This small wet cave contains a trunk segment that ends in both directions. Surveyed by Kalnitz and Otten. One lead remains and the trunk to sketch
421 Morph
A jpeg of all the original survey notes morphed by Larry Fish's excellent sketch editor

Blue Eyes Cave

Matt Keller Cartographer
Open Survey in Jackson County.
The very first cave lead given to us by Fletcher Jones. This deep cave includes at least 2 rope drops to bottom. This cave is slowly giving up secrets, with many leads left. Could possibly link to Spivy cave
Blue Eyes Compass Plt File
The Compass PLT. This will open in Compass and show the plot of the cave survey