In Cave Survey Training:

General Cave Survey hints  A general document - showing the basics of cave surveying


General Cartography:

Creating maps for cavers (PDF) An older document, concentrating on hand map drafting. Good information but largely overshadowed by computer drafting now
Sketching for Beginners (powerpoint) A presentation from Pat Kambesis' Survey and cartography class. A basic introduction to keeping book and sketching in the cave
Cave Survey Blunders(powerpoint) Another Class presentation, detailing survey blunders and how to detect and correct
Intro to cave cartography (Powerpoint) A class presentation showing  the fundamentals of computer cartography
Introduction to the Components of Cartography (powerpoint) A presentation at the 2007 NSS Convention. A guide to the necessary components of a Cave map, based on how maps are judged at the NSS Cartography Salon
Pulling it Together (powerpoint)  A GCG Grotto Presentation. How to be a 'Project" cave leader - a guide to pulling all the various parts of survey and cartography together and produce a map
Illustrator Brushes (powerpoint)  A presentation at the 2008 NSS convention. This powerpoint shows the basics of creating and using Brushes in Illustrator
Teaching Carto (powerpoint)  A presentation at the 2010 NSS convention. This powerpoint does not teach any cartography skills, but shares how to start a class in your grotto to build future cartographers
Fill your rocks (powerpoint)  A presentation at the 2012 NSS convention. This powerpoint Shows how to start using color in your maps and some of the changes from current methods in drafting to make color stand out!


Open Data Theory:

Open Cave Data (powerpoint)  A Presentation at the 2007 NSS Convention. Shares the theory of Open Data and the concepts on which this web site is built


GCG Cartography Class

Class 1 - Using Compass:

Using Compass  First Class topic of the GCG Cartography Class - this powerpoint introduces Data reduction and Plotting, the softwares that are available, and then goes into detail on how to use Compass. Updated for newer versions of comapss

Class 2 - Intro to Illustrator - Lines, Scans and Walls!:

Illustrator Basics - Lines, Scan and Walls (powerpoint) Second Class Topic - Intro to Illustrator. How to import plots via cave illustrator plugin, how to scan and import sketches, and how to start drawing Walls
Survey class 2 Survey data and Survey scans
CaveIllustrator.aip Cave illustrator Plug in

Class 3 - Illustrator 2 - Symbols, Brushes and geology!:

Basic Cartography 2 - Symbols, Brushes and Geology Third Class topic, continuing illustrator instruction for basic Cartography, concentrating on creating and using brushes

Class 4 - Illustrator 3 - Passage Details:

Basic Cartography 3 - Details  Forth Class Topic, concentrating on Floor detail: How to draw rocks, cobbles and other floor covering. Also looking at brush and tablet hints

Class 5 - Illustrator 4 - Cross Sections and Components

Basic Cartography 4 - Cross sections Fifth Class Topic describing how to add cross sections and other information to make the plan view of the map look correct

Class 6 - Finished Map Components:

Basic Cartography 5 - Finished Map components The sixth class topic. When your drafting of the cave passage is complete, you still have to add components to make a drawing, a cave map. This lesson Describes those additional components